Distance left to run

1427.2 miles

2297 kilometres 

Target distance

1569 miles

2526 kilometres 

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Our story

Hello, we are Anna and Anthony, and we met in Dnipro, Ukraine, in 2012. Lots of things have happened since then.

We got married in 2013. We bought our first house in Brighton in 2016. We had a baby in 2016. And then another one in 2020. 

Then came February 2022 when everything changed. 

Anna is from Dnipro and has family still living there, so we couldn’t just sit and watch the news. 

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What we are doing

We are raising funds to buy medical equipment for Ukrainians who are still in Ukraine. Anna is in close contact with paramedics in Dnipro. They are providing us with updates about the situation.

Our main aim is to buy emergency first aid kits (and refills for them) as they are needed everywhere in Ukraine. 

We have managed to buy medical supplies worth more than £20000. Please join our cause. 


Where we are running


04 September 2022


Chestnut Tree Littlehampton


11 September 2022


Tilgate Forest

1/2 marathon

25 September 2022


Barns Green


02 October 2022


Lewes 10 Mile Downland Trail Run


Our friends

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Media about us

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